Self Storage Tips

Once you have chosen the right storage facility and the storage unit size for your storage needs, the next thing to do is to make sure that you are storing the proper items in the storage unit. Self storage is a great storage option for personal and business items. Most durable items can be stored in a self storage unit, but there are certain belongings that are better suited for self storage and there are items that definitely should not be stored in a self storage unit. Knowing what can and what cannot be stored in a self storage unit is crucial when it is time to pack the items.

Packing a Storage Unit Tips

What Can be Stored in Self Storage?

There are many items that are perfectly fine for packing in a storage unit. If you follow the correct self storage unit tips, items that are removed from storage can be used for many years to come. Items that can be placed in a self storage unit include:

• Furniture
• Linens
• Kitchen accessories, plates, bowls, glassware and cutlery
• Holiday decorations
• Seasonal items such as lawn mowers, yard trimmers and gardening items
• Vehicles including cars, motorcycles, boats and ATVs
• Electronics
• Books
• Business documents and files
• Musical instruments
• CDs and DVDs
• Sports equipment

What Not to Put in a Storage Unit

Every self storage facility should have a list of the types of items that CANNOT be placed in a storage unit that they provide to their customers. Renters need to make sure to adhere to the list and read their contract at the time of rental. The “What not to put in a storage unit” list will help you protect your personal belongings as well as protect others belongings in storage units around you. If you have a question about a belonging that might be questionable, ask your storage manager if the item is approved for storage. Below is a detailed list of what not to store in a storage unit:

• Live plants
• Live animals
• Perishable items including food, cereals, and spices.
• Fireworks
• Gasoline
• Aerosol cans
• Oils
• Paints and paint thinners
• Chemicals
• Fertilizers
• Every-day cleaning products
• Valuable items such as jewelry, coins and precious metals

Check with your storage professionals at Crews Storage before you store to make sure you are storing items properly and are not storing a “banned” item. Following simple self storage tips will allow for easier renting and packing of your storage unit.