How to Pack a Self Storage Unit

When you are searching for a storage facility make sure that you know exactly what you need to place inside the storage unit. Once you have decided on the right-sized storage unit for your storage needs, it is important to properly pack and organize the items that you are placing in storage. When it is time to move your items into your storage unit, it is crucial to pack the boxes and items correctly in order to utilize all of the allotted vertical and horizontal space in the storage unit. Packing for storage in the right way will help protect the items while in storage as well as make it easier for you to access items that you might need them.

Before You Start Packing for Storage

Having the correct packing supplies on hand is the first step in knowing how to properly pack a self storage unit. Crews Storage offers boxes, packing tape, packaging materials such as newsprint or peanuts as well as other supplies to help with putting your items away in storage.

Storage Unit Packing Tips

By taking the time to follow simple tips for how to pack for a self storage unit, the unloading and loading of your storage unit will go much smoother. The storage unit packing tips listed below are useful for both personal and business storage.

General Rules and Guidelines on How to Pack a Self Storage Unit

• Label every box that you are storing. Label the contents on all four sides of the box as well as the top of the box. Keep a running inventory list of the boxes that you place in storage. This inventory list is a great reference tool when you need to access specific items or you need to double check on what you stored. Keep a copy of the inventory list at home and one in the storage unit for easy reference.
• Seal all stored boxes with packing tape. This will help to prevent dirt and dust to accumulate on the items in the box during long-term storage.
• Stack like-sized boxes together. The heavier boxes should be at the bottom of the stack with the lighter boxes on the top. Don’t stack the boxes too high or they could topple over and crush or damage the items inside.

How to Pack a Self Storage Unit with Furniture, Appliances and Outdoor Equipment

• Clean out the refrigerator and oven before placing in storage. Leave the doors to the refrigerator open during storage to prevent moisture from developing inside the appliance.
• Utilize all empty spaces in stored furniture, shelving units and even appliances to store small boxes, linens, and even small appliances.
• Take apart tables and beds for storage. Wrap the legs of these items together in bubble wrap or a cloth tarp to protect them. Put the nuts, bolts and screws inside a plastic bag and attach it to the leg of the item, so the smaller pieces do not get lost.
• Stack chairs, mattresses and couches vertically in the storage unit to add more space for your boxes.
• Place larger items, electronics and least used items towards the back of the storage unit. Have the items that you need to access the most towards the front of the storage unit. If possible, leave enough space in your storage unit to create a walkway in order to easily access your items.
• To protect furniture or mattresses from dust, dirt or moisture, use furniture and mattress covers. Place protective covering on the storage unit floor before you load in your items.
• Bundle rakes, shovels and brooms together and place in a garbage can in your storage unit.
• Drain fluids from mowers, weed cutters and other machines while they are in storage. Place plastic or a piece of cardboard under the mower for “just in case” drips.
• Do NOT store paint, chemicals, cleaning supplies, or any other combustible items in a self storage unit.
Crews Storage has a variety of storage unit sizes that will help solve any personal or business storage needs. Stop in and let our storage professionals assist you in renting the best storage unit for your storage needs.